Dates for 2012:

Spring 2012: Publication of book! ‘Personal Well Being Lessons for Secondary Schools: Positive Psychology in Action’ by Ilona (Boniwell) and I. More on this on release.

May 2nd: Copenhagen: Speaker on Developing Resilience in Children. Open free event.

May 15th: Speaker at the Gloucestershire Coaching Network: Positive Psychology in Action.

May 16th: Speaker at the WACL Conference: A conference dedicated to women working in the communications industry. Fabulous event and very inspiring to attend (let alone be invited back as speaker).


3 Responses to Events

  1. Saloni says:

    I loved your blog, simple, useful and insightful. Can you please send me information about yor event in Northamptonshire on 24th March, I am interested in attending.

  2. Jen Rolfe says:

    Lucy, there are adverts for the WACL thing you are doing at tube stations in London – I saw your name on it and got really over-excited (people in the station thought I was a bit odd)! Everything you’re doing at the moment sounds really inspiring – do let me know when you’re next in London as I’d love to catch up. Jen x

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