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Week 9: What do you do when you get mad?

When you get mad/bad/angry/stressed/upset/embarrassed, what do you do to distract yourself? Here are my personal top 5 techniques: Get out of the situation (fast!) Go for a run Have a hug (or several) Play some loud music Eat chocolate… Fortunately … Continue reading

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Week 8: Understanding Positive Change

I love March. It feels like a month full of positive potential and a great month to start exploring the nature of Positive Change. There is so much thought provoking literature, research and exercises surrounding this topic, such as motivating … Continue reading

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Week 7: Putting Positive Emotions to Work

I’m convinced that if employers truly understood the impact on performance of positive and negative emotions in the workplace it would be placed at the top of every priority list for training and coaching (and not just because it’s my … Continue reading

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